Hardwood Floors Dallas, Garland, Frisco

hardwood floors dallas, garland hardwood flooring, hardwood floors frisco Hardwood floors are always in style and when it comes to making the right selection, the experts at Dobson’s have you covered. The timeless elegance of hardwood floors transcends trends in color, texture, plank width, and species for enduring beauty.

Differences in appearance of hardwood result from different species of wood and the different ways they are sawn. The species’ natural color and grain pattern combined with the stain applied to the wood create a spectrum of color options. Manufacturers offer a wide variety of styles and textures to suit individual tastes or project specifications.

Let our Dallas hardwood flooring experts guide you in your quest for the perfect hardwood floors for your home. With our Garland and Frisco Hardwood Flooring stores conveniently located and our knowledgeable hardwood flooring experts ready to serve you, we want to be your hardwood flooring store of choice. Once you have made the selection,  our hardwood flooring installation experts will insure your new floor is installed perfectly and to your satisfaction.

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For more information on selecting the correct hardwood flooring surface for your home or business, or for caring tips, call our Garland showroom at 972-270-8741 or Frisco showroom at 469-287-1945.