Hardwood Floor Care 101: Save Your Prefinished Wood Flooring with Area Rugs

Area Rugs Save Your Flooring IntallationsIf you have prefinished hardwood flooring or natural flooring in your home, you want to be sure your investment is protected.  As beautiful as hardwood floors are, there are a few hardwood floor care techniques to employ since they are also susceptible to damage and wear.  Thankfully, there’s a stylish solution to help protect your floors from damage: area rugs.  Adding strategically placed area rugs will help extend the life of your hardwood floors, and can dress up a room as well.  Here are 3 ways area rugs provide excellent wood floor care.

  1. Water damage: Hardwood floors can suffer damage from water and moisture.  Severe water damage can warp the wood, but even small amounts of moisture can cause stains.  By placing rugs in front of doorways and kitchen sinks, you can help protect your floors from suffering water damage.  The absorbent nature of rugs makes them perfect for soaking up the moisture tracked in on shoes.  However, make sure that you remove a wet area rug from your wood until it has time to dry.
  2. Scratches: Stiletto heels are a hardwood floor’s worst enemy, as they can cause scratches and gouges in the floor.  Keeping rugs in areas where shoes are worn can protect your floors from damage.  Having area rugs under pieces of furniture also prevent the furniture from scratching the floors when moved.
  3. General wear: If you install flooring in high-traffic areas, it will begin to wear down over time.  Putting rugs in high-traffic areas like entryways and hallways can help extend the life and appearance of your hardwood floor.  Even cork floors can benefit from the use of area rugs.

When selecting the perfect area rug, make sure that it has a soft, breathable backing or use a special non-skid pad underneath designed specifically for use over wood floors.  Another helpful tip is to remove your area rug from time to time to allow the wood to “breathe” underneath.  This helps to prevent wood discolorations caused by the rugs. A great time to do this is when you are going on vacation.

Whether you purchased your hardwood floors at a flooring sale, or selected exotic flooring for your home, adding area rugs after flooring installations can help you get the most out of your investment.  Hardwood floors are an excellent blank canvas for a room, and a decorative area rug can not only offer floor protection, but it can add another dimension to the overall aesthetic of your room.  Adding rugs is a simple and inexpensive way to keep your floors looking beautiful for years to come.

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